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Coming from a family steeped in the tradition of farming and gardening, my mother knew the name of every flower, and my father knew the name of every grass type and weed. I loved all plants, especially the beautiful dandelions. Yes, you read that correctly; I love weeds! Even from the early days of my childhood, such appreciation of all plant types contributed to my philosophy that flowers and weeds are nature's helpers to aid and heal us.

My father taught agriculture at the local high school. I spent my summers learning from him the ways of the natural world. Dad gave me the famous leather bound book entitled "100 Things for Boys to Do". The chapter that captured my heart was "Extraction of perfume from flowers".
I grew up in the beautiful, small town of Weiser, Idaho. Oh, how times were different then. One of my favorite pastimes was visiting a local pharmacy on the main street of town. I am forever grateful to our old pharmacist, who would let me search the old wooden shelves in the back of his pharmacy looking for perfume and soap making supplies. He took the time to answer my questions and custom ordered my first gallon of glycerin. I was blessed to be raised around a group of people who, even if they didn't know you, would take the time to help and mentor. I know this is one of the reasons we work so hard at supporting hometown businesses today.

As a young adult I spent several years traveling through Europe, living the life of an artist. Much of my time was spent studying art history and techniques, while learning how to make painting supplies from scratch. Researching a shampoo and glycerin soap project, I ventured to the Monasteraki area of Athens, near the famous spice market, known to house perfumer's workshops. This is where I found my calling. I proceeded to write a list of every job I loved or thought was interesting. My epiphany came from this list. Equipped with a lifetime of experience gathering information on botany, extracting, and creating exquisite fragrances, I moved back to Idaho in 1986 to start Camille Beckman.  I hired local stay-at-home mothers who wanted to use their hands for creative work and provide additional income for their families.   Traveling to craft shows and tradeshows across the US, our true success came as people tried the cream. They would put a drop on their hands and come back an hour later completely amazed at how their skin felt and how quickly it had transformed. 
32 years later, the rest is history. What a wonderful and fulfilling journey it has been, and promises to be. This year, after years of discussion and formula tweaking, my daughter and I are pleased to bring you our new "Every Day Collection". Made from clean ingredients and available in six modern fragrances, our new formulas provide the modern woman a beautiful, natural journey to skin health.

Thank you to our faithful customers and stores who have shared the last 25 years with us; we look forward to sharing the next 25 with you.


From initial inception to final creation, today's products are all made at our factory in Eagle, Idaho. Built by the our family in 2000, and the Camille Beckman factory is located a large plot of unsprayed, energy charged land with an artesian well. With skylights, a water filtration and recycling plant, and other energy saving and amplifying creations, the Camille Beckman factory was the first green building in Idaho and only uses the power of five households despite its size and output. Dedicated to nurturing our little piece of this planet, our factory is surrounded by orchards, vegetable gardens, our sister company Chateau des Fleurs and the beautiful Boise River.  



We pride ourselves in using the very best ingredients within all of our formulations. We are known to spend years cultivating the perfect ingredients and ratios for our formulations and strive for complete transparency with our customers. Read on to learn more!

Camille Beckman Everyday:  Our Everyday line is made with the modern woman in mind and combines natural ingredients with clean, safe synthetics for transformational results. These products are also gluten free and made with rich oils, pure pH balanced water and our signature herbal blend to heal and restore the skin. We do not use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum by-products, PEGs, TEA, DEA, mineral oil, harsh detergents or artificial colors within these formulas and use 98-100% natural ingredients depending on the product.

Camille Beckman Women’s Wellness:  Our Women’s Wellness collection is always 100% natural and utilizes essential oils, herbal remedies and ancient beauty secrets to help you find real solutions to create a life of whole happiness. 

Camille Beckman Classic:  Our Classic collections are comprised of the rich and creamy formulas that have remained the same for 30 years. The products in this collection are all gluten free and made with rich oils, pure pH balanced water and our signature herbal blend to heal and restore the skin. Until now, they contained small amount of artificial preservatives called parabens to sustain shelf-life and consistency.  Effective October 2016, these preservatives have been removed from all products after three years of research and replaced with a cleaner, more natural alternative. Please be patient as we update our labels now through summer 2017. 



We believe there is enough abundance in this world for all beings to live in peace and access basic needs freely. Founded in 1995, the Camille Beckman Foundation was created to fund these solutions, choosing 30+ organizations and projects each year that focus on providing basic needs (food, water, shelter, education, medical care and opportunity to grow) for women, children and the greater good of our communities.  All one.

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